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About Me


As a stay at home mother of  three I have always searched for a hobby of some sort, thinking about this daily i said to myself, "what do i enjoy most besides caring for my family." i always had a passion for makeup so why not continue this journey.  For the past several years i have been performing makeup on family and friends. With my skills building up i started to makeover women going to events and parties, and slowly started to gain requests for my work. I challenged myself to do better so i have taken Master Makeup Artist courses by O.M.A. NY. After completing these courses i am empowered to perform above my expectations. I continue to better myself  by taking courses with Glamour by Hosway, and Ghadeer Sultan. I have learned that no matter how much knowledge you may think you have it is always best to learn more, and i continue to learn and apply my skills to my clients.

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